Caldwell: Defense Did a Tremendous Job

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See what Jim Caldwell had to say following a hard-fought, 23-17 victory over the Cincinnati Bengals on Sunday.

On the interceptions:

"Defense did a tremendous job. I just think they played hard, played well. Three sacks and five turnovers is a big day. They did a tremendous job. Not only that they stopped the run against a real fine back, a real fine team that runs the ball extremely well. I think our guys fought hard."

On what did he see on the fake punt:

"They have a situation where he is still on the field. All they do is slide him up into another position and have a couple different looks. We had seen it. We just didn't execute very well. They had done it to the right side a great majority of the time. We just didn't get in the right position for that formation. If he pops it through and makes it two or three yards, that's probably 42 yards and that's something we certainly wouldn't want."

On the red flag in his hand on the onside kick:

"The way they ruled, they said I could not challenge. My challenge would have been that we had possession and he was down by contact. But their ruling was that the ball was still loose, that he was not in possession. So therefore, I could not challenge it. That's the way it was explained to me out on the field."

On the resilience of this team and the coaching staff:

"Certainly that's what our guys get paid to do. They get paid to play the game and play it well. But also the coaches, just in terms of getting guys ready. Sometimes it's under somewhat adverse conditions. They have to learn a lot in a short period of time. Sometimes we have to curtail what we do a little bit depending upon who is playing. We have to consider all those things. But also there is a great transfer of information from our older guys to the younger guys, the new guys that come in, which I think is key and critical. So all those factor involved creates a pretty interesting mix in terms of preparation each and every week."

On TE Jacob Tamme:

"Jacob (Tamme) is one of those guys that we are aware of his talent and ability to run and catch. He is getting a lot more opportunities now and doing a nice job. He has battled through some things this week to get ready to play and did a tremendous job."

On challenging the onside kick:

"Well, I saw Pierre (Garcon) in possession of the ball and go down to a knee. My challenge was going to be down by contact, but the way they ruled it they said no he did not have possession and that could not be determined, therefore I was unable to challenge."

On impact of injured players on offense:

"We don't make any excuses about anything. Ask any guy on our offense and they are going to tell you that execution is still the key. We still had some opportunities to move the ball and put the ball in the end zone, but we just did not execute quite like we would like to in those situations. So no, we don't ever point to a particular guy missing here or there as a reason why we didn't play as well as we did."

On WR Brandon James:

"He is a little guy that got in there and played pretty well. Most new guys, like Brandon, are going to do some things well and some things poorly. So we will take a look at the film and correct what we need to and see if we can get a little better."

On K-Adam Vinatieri and his kick before the half: "That was huge. That drive before the half was just big for us, coming down and putting three points on the board to give us a 10 point lead going in to the half. Offense moved the ball well during that stretch and led a big kick by Adam."

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