Wilson's Word: Film study won't be pretty

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Colts defenders miss tackles, blow coverages and fail to get off the field on third down in humbling opening quarter.

If you buy company lines, kind of like drinking the Kool-Aid, Drew Brees did the Indianapolis Colts’ defense a favor Saturday night. That’s what some of the Colts were saying after Saturday’s 23-17 preseason loss to the New Orleans Saints at Lucas Oil Stadium. When the Colts watch this film to correct mistakes, there will be plenty of gaffes to go around. Players won’t be too full of themselves, they repeatedly rationalized, about where they are and what they need to improve upon at this late preseason juncture. “It’s great that it happened now,” said inside linebacker D’Qwell Jackson, echoing the words of defensive end Cory Redding. “We know what we need to be. We know what type of grind it’s going to be from here on out. If we want to reach our goals, these are the things, when we’re faced with that adversity during the game, we’ve got to be able to respond.” Part of our job is providing what players and coaches say. The other part is elaborating with perspective. And as fans...