Saturday: It's Just Been Normal Business

Jeff Saturday (Andy Lyons/Getty)

We've heard about what Peyton Manning had to say this week from the Colts' organized team activities, but what about the other veteran offensive leader, Jeff Saturday? He chatted with the media this week about the rookies, his approach to offseason workouts, the coaching changes and much more.

On how the team looks:

"The rookies are in and we're checking them out and getting them accustomed, we've got some good players. Hopefully, they'll help us in the season. Right now, you're not seeing a lot more than running and lifting. Hopefully, in the next couple of weeks, we'll see them in some football scenarios and really see what they're about."

On the absence of Howard Mudd:

We haven't really done anything yet. There hasn't been much dealing with Pete (Metzelaars) on the field. As far as players, we normally would be meeting with Pete anyways, so it hasn't been much different at this point anyways.

On the team's coaching changes:

"I'll say this, I don't really know exactly what is going on, and so I probably will just defer (to Head Coach Jim Caldwell). I really don't know what the situation is with all the staff changes. I know we have a new defensive coordinator and a new special teams coach. But other than that, I dealt with Howard (Mudd) and Tom (Moore) in the preseason stuff already, so while they've been gone for a few weeks, nothing has really changed for me up to this point."

On whether there is a lack of finality with the coaching staff:

"Yeah, I would definitely say that. I don't know exactly what's going to happen or what it's going to like. I'm sure Jim (Caldwell) will make it very clear, but understand from our side, I would not be dealing with coaches right now anyways. I come in and lift, run, do stuff with the strength coaches, and I may spend 10 minutes with a coach talking about different things we're implementing. So it hasn't been anything different for me because it's just been normal business."

On when the coaching changes come into play:

"Next week. Once we start our true coaching sessions when we're on the field with everybody doing team work, that's when I'd notice a difference, if any."

On Pete Metzelaars:

"Pete's been here maybe four or five years, he's been here with me forever. I know he knows the offense as well as any staff member. He knows football. He played 15, maybe 16 years up in Buffalo and different places around the league. There is definitely not going to be any issue of him not knowing our offense or football, he's as good as they come. As far as him taking over and asserting that role as the guy you look to, that's the only thing that will be different. Over the last couple of years, when you come off the field, you talk to Pete, you talk to Howard (Mudd). He's up on the headset, so he's pretty much communicating with you year round. So there's not going to be a whole lot of difference as far as that goes."

On the biggest difference between Tony Dungy and Jim Caldwell:

"To this point, he's probably more direct. When you sit down in meetings, he's more poignant to it. He says, ‘Hey, this is how it's going to go, this is how I am.' He raises his voice. You can tell he gets agitated and can raise his voice and can get after you with the best of them. On the field, I don't know what his coaching style is going to be like. I don't know if he's going to change things. But off the field, he's a fantastic person. I have a ton of respect for him. He's been my quarterback's coach for years, and I've loved working with him. So hopefully things won't change too much."

On the coaches' difference in philosophies:

"(Coach Caldwell) may be a little more aggressive in that he wants people to show up at a certain time. In workouts, he wants groups to start together. So I'm at 8:30 every morning, that's my group. I'm going to show up, I'm going to stretch with those guys. So probably a little more structured. He likes guys being the same, working together and getting that consistency. We probably have 10-15 guys every day that will be working at that time and he likes it to stay that way."

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