Before They Were Pros: Donald Brown

RB Donald Brown (Connecticut Athletics)

Before he had any idea he would drafted by the Colts in the first round, Donald Brown talked about a variety of topics during the NFL Combine. See what he had to say about his Combine experience, his versatility, sharing carries with another back, areas he needed to improve in the pros, and more inside!

What's been your experience thus far?

"It's been a memorable one. You only get this chance once. It's an opportunity that comes around once in a lifetime, so you have to make the most of it. You take it one day at a time, but it's been exciting. Finally putting some faces to names, and stuff like that. It's been great."

What teams have you talked to?

"I've talked with probably a dozen teams last night. Teams like the Arizona Cardinals, the Chargers, the Broncos, the Panthers, the Seahawks, about a dozen teams."

Q: Is your versatility coming up with teams quite a bit? A: I feel that's one of my assets. I'm not really playing it up. The film speaks for itself. It's one of my attributes.

Can you talk about William Beatty (UConn offensive tackle)?

"Beatty's a great guy and a great player. Big, athletic, and he was one of the main reasons for a lot of my big runs. You see him 15-20 yards down the field making blocks, and that's pretty remarkable for a guy his size."

What separates you from some of the other running backs?

"I just try to be as versatile as possible, and try to contribute any way possible."

Were you able to do a lot of pass blocking? Do you feel you're effective in that area?

"Yes, going from high school to college, I wasn't supposed to do much in high school, but as the years went along in college, I started to get comfortable with it, and I'm prety confident in my pass blocking."

What do you feel is your strong suit?

"My instincts. I'd say I'm a very instinctual runner, and that's my strength right now."

What have the teams that have spoken with you, perceive as your weaknesses?

"I don't know. Obviously, it's something to ask them when you sit down in meetings. We're going to start to get into more formal meetings as the days get long and see what they think you need to improve on to be a better running back and a better player."

What do you feel you need to improve on?

"I feel I can improve on everything, especially going to the NFL, you're playing with the elite, or the elite. So you have to step up your game that much more. Pass protection is big. You need to protect the quarterback."

There was some time where you were sharing carries. What did you learn from that?

"When you look at the NFL nowadays, and every major college football team, they have 2,3 running backs. That's important, especiallly when you have two running backs who complement each other well. You have to work that much harder to get that spot."

Did the threat of a rookie payscale affect your decision (to enter the draft)?

"Not really. The rookie payscale probably won't be a thought until 2012. That wasn't even a thought. It was a gut decision. It felt right in my heart. My parents and coach supported me 100 percent, so that made it easy."

Is that a real hot topic (rookie pay scale) among the college players this year?

"To be honest with you, no, it wasn't."

Do you think if it comes, it will be fair to the players?

"To be honest with you, I don't know. I'm not big with money. I play this game for the love of the sport. It doesn't matter to me."

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