Saturday: There Is Nothing Better

C Jeff Saturday (AP/Tom Strattman)

Jeff Saturday arrived at training camp in Terre Haute on Sunday and spoke with the media about having Peyton Manning back in camp, Howard Mudd and Tom Moore returning to the team, the hardest part about going to training camp, having Ryan Lilja back and more!

On if it will feel more normal to have QB-Peyton Manning for training camp this year after he missed last year's camp:

"Yes, absolutely. Playing together as long as we have and as long as he's kind of been the face of the Colts, it'll be good to have him starting out with us, everybody being healthy and all the players who we're expecting to do good things all being on the field at one time."

On what QB-Peyton Manning does off the field during training camp to help the team:

"I think just his presence helps a lot. People understand that he's the guy we're going with. Whenever you're starting a training camp or a new season you want everybody there, live bullets. This is the first time as a team that you can put pads on and show what you have. You want all the guys and all the pieces of the machine working at one time."

On having Tom Moore and Howard Mudd rejoin the team:

"I think it's huge. Howard and Tom both bring so much experience. Both of those guys have so much knowledge of the game, and we've been so successful as a group with them that I think they just bring a level of expectation with them. We've won big games, we've won championships with these guys. I think they can call guys out and get guys ready to play."

On if he has missed Howard Mudd this summer:

"I think it depends on how you define miss. I would miss him as a person. I don't know if I would miss his coaching critiques. He has a very interesting way of getting his point across, and to be very frank, I think we need it right now. We did not play well as an offensive line last year. Our run game was probably the worst in the league, and we have to be better than that, and I think it's going to take a coach like that, calling players out and getting players motivated and ready to get our jobs done to get this thing turned around and get the ship righted."

On if the Colts running struggles last season were more the fault of the offensive line than RB-Joseph Addai and RB-Dominic Rhodes:

"It's everybody. You can pass blame all the way through, but ultimately it is the offensive line. That's our role and responsibility. It would be the same way if Peyton (Manning) was getting sacked all the time. I wouldn't blame it on Peyton even though he may roll out, and he's as slow as they get. That doesn't matter. Bottom line, it is our job to protect him, and it's our job to open holes for Joe and (first round draft pick) Donald (Brown), now. That's what we are here to do, and hopefully we'll get better at doing it."

On if he still gets excited on his way to training camp:

"Probably not excited. I get excited for the practicing part. I enjoy getting back with guys, and you always enjoy the football part. I don't enjoy leaving my family. I'm 34. I've got three kids at home so I miss my home life. Obviously, that is the hardest part. But as far as the football side goes there is nothing better, the smell of the grass, the early morning dew, all those things that people talk about and read about, that is all true. The smell of the pads and the helmet and the cracking and the noise, that is what I get excited for."

On what tells him that this is Jim Caldwell's team:

"I think when he first took it over you knew. He is very assertive in his role. He understands what it takes to win in this league. He's been around us so he had already earned the respect. I had worked with him as the quarterbacks coach for so long that I know what his expectations are. I know how he calls guys. He is a very vocal person when compared to (former head coach) Tony (Dungy). He'll call guys out. He'll say things that need to be said in a different way. Both he and Tony have different ways of doing things. I think Jim put his stamp on it from day one, and I don't think it'll be any different as we enter camp. This is his team, and he's got to do what we've got to do and that is win football games."

On Jim Caldwell having to deal with comparisons to Tony Dungy:

"I think no matter what you do in football you're always going to be compared. The next quarterback is going to be compared to Peyton (Manning), the next center, the next whatever you are, whatever position you are in this game you are always going to be viewed as replacing somebody. I think Jim is a big boy. He knows how to handle it, and I think he'll do a very fine job at it."

On having OG-Ryan Lilja return:

"I'm excited. Having Lilja with me is a lot of fun. He and I have a good time playing together. We get after it. I love his intensity and his toughness. I'm excited that he is getting healthy, and that's the most important thing. We've had a lot of good times on the field. We've had some good wins and some big games together so I look forward to many more."

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