Caldwell: I Haven't Whipped Anybody Yet

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Every season is a blank slate, and that's exactly what Jim Caldwell is facing as his NFL head coaching career begins. The team's new coach shared a text he got from Tony Dungy Sunday, answers questions about Twitter and talked football during his time with the media Sunday as the team arrived in Terre Haute for training camp.

On if it feels good to have Peyton Manning back to start camp:

"You know, yes it was a little bit different last year. Obviously because the fact he has been such an iron man through the years, and he's always been present. It's great to have him back."

On what will his message be at the team meeting today:

"Well, overall, just improve. That's the thing that we're looking to do. It's the most important thing. I think that we take on this task right now. It's not like this journey will be done today. It actually started in March when we got together. We started focusing on our off season program, but this is certainly a very important part of it. This time of year you get an opportunity to put the pads on, and I think then you can really do a great evaluation of your squad and certainly make some improvements in some areas where we need to work. Particularly our techniques in the run game as well."

On what difference the fans will see in practice between a Caldwell team and a Dungy team:

"I don't think you will see much difference at all in terms of how we do things. That's the thing we would like to maintain. Often times I've mentioned, from time to time people are always looking for a stamp, and obviously this team belongs to everybody. It's not a Jim Caldwell team. This team belongs to the guys that have put in a lot of sweat and blood and tears in this program. The organization belongs to the Owner (Jim Irsay), to Bill Polian (Team President), all the guys in the personnel department as well as the assistant coaches and players. So what we do is try to build up on what has already been established here. Tony built a great foundation here. We're trying to take it a little bit higher."

On the last time he talked to Coach Dungy and if he plans on talking to him throughout the season:

"We do converse often. I think I spoke with him maybe three days ago. I got a text from him today on my way to camp. So he probably had it timed out pretty well. He knows the routine, so I look to talk to him often during the course of the week."

On if he can share the message:

"He just said, "I miss you guys," and wished us well, and that was about it."

On if he well try to separate himself from Coach Dungy:

"No, not really. I don't get that sense because of the fact that obviously he's a great person to emulate. He's been great for this organization, the program, and he should. He's a Hall of Famer; he's won so many ball games and directed so many great teams that he's going to get attention. He's going to get questions. I'm going to get compared a lot. It's kind of like an old story. I was with Joe Paterno and he went down to do an autograph signing with Muhammad Ali. The two of them were sitting next to one another, and Ali had a long line of people and all the gals. Joe was over there and he had a few in his line, so he made a comment, Hey Ali, Why do you have the long line with all the girls and all the guys that are interested in talking to you?" Ali looked over at Joe and says because you haven't whipped anybody. So I haven't whipped anybody yet. So when that time comes and we get this team doing the things we certainly anticipate they can do, I think you will see things even out a little bit."

On if you don't win 12 games and people start to say Tony might have… you just can't worry about those types of things:

"No, and I really don't. I'm too old to worry about those kinds of things. I'm a guy that has been around a little bit. I've been a part of this program. So some of those wins, I was a part of those too. So we're just kind of building up on that whole process."

On clarifying consultants and making sure they aren't stepping on anyone's toes:

"Well, they're not consultants. There is a Senior Offensive Coordinator and that's Tom Moore, and Howard Mudd is a Senior Offensive Line coach. So they will be doing their job, and Tom will be directing the offense. Tom will call the plays. Tom will have an opportunity to kind of delegate some responsibilities to Clyde perhaps, and Clyde's title stays the same. The same thing with Howard. Howard is running our offensive line. He may give Pete a few more things to do here and there, but nevertheless it's not going to be any problem."

On any policies for tweeting in meetings or . . .

"There is a club policy, and for me to stand here and tell you exactly what it is, I think there is a league policy as well. I would probably mistake some of the details. I know it is not allowed."

On whether he tweets:

"No, I don't."

On did you bring anything special to camp:

"No, I didn't bring anything special. Actually over the years you tend to bring less and less as time goes on, because really the only thing you're doing is basically out on the practice fields and meetings or trying to catch a little rest here and there."

On TE Jamie Petowski and having a Terre Haute player in training camp:

"You know Jamie has really done a nice job for us. He's been working extremely hard. He's a conscientious young man. He's a guy that gives us everything that he has, and we're looking forward to seeing what he can do."

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