Caldwell: Every Year is Unique

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Indianapolis Colts head coach Jim Caldwell spoke with the media Sunday as players arrived for training camp. See what Caldwell had to say about potential holdouts, the change of venue for training camp this season, and more inside!

On if he expects everyone to be here:

"Obviously at the start of training camp that's certainly how it's supposed to be, so we anticipate that happening, and if it doesn't we'll adjust."

On if Jerry Hughes has signed:

"Not yet, but we anticipate getting that done shortly. Our guys are working on the contract and we'll get that done shortly."

On if he expects everyone to be here:

"I anticipate that, yes."

On if he has talked to Robert Mathis or Reggie Wayne:

"No, but I truly anticipate they'll be here."

On how Peyton Manning's work ethic influences other players:

"Obviously when you have one of your best players demonstrating unbelievable work ethic it trickles down. There is no question in his commitment to get better each and every day, and I think the younger guys follow suit."

On if he thinks anyone will hold out of camp:

"At this point in time I couldn't tell you exactly, but there's not going to be many of those. We anticipate that the majority of the guys will be out there. There may be a guy or two with an issue that may only come tomorrow morning."

On the status of Bob Sanders:

"I anticipate every single one of them (that were right on the bubble) to be actively participating."

On if he has talked to any other coaches who have lost Super Bowls, or gotten any advice:

"I have. For the most part I think it's a wise thing to do to get a sense of something that you might be able to offset, but for the most part our team has been very good, outstanding at compartmentalizing. That's one of the things that I think is the reason why we've been able to do well year in and year out. I'm not just talking about year in and year out; I'm talking about the week to week. I think that all of you who have been around our team recognize that even after a big win you really can't tell by the temperament if they've won or lost. After a tough loss it's a tough issue, and our guys have been able to separate those things and focus on the task at hand. You'll see the same kind of approach this preseason."

On if any other coaches have shown him signs/pitfalls of things to look for as they enter the preseason:

"Well I think it's one of those things, and I want to share with you the fact that, I do believe our team has played consistently well because of the way we go about things. Everyone doesn't go about things the same way we do and I think that's the uniqueness about our football team."

On the rookies' progression:

"It's been going well. It's an opportunity for us to give them a chance to immerse themselves within our system offensively and defensively, and I think they're going along nicely."

On Anderson University's facilities:

"I've been up here, obviously, and had an opportunity to see the campus and what a great job they've done for us, just a tremendous job. I know there was a great effort put into it not only by the administrators but also folks within the community. Obviously the mayor who I just spoke with, and everyone has done a great job of making certain that this does indeed happen for us. They've done a great job updating the facilities and obviously we're looking forward to it."

On any changes from camp last year:

"Every year there are some things that are a little bit different. Every year is different, every year is unique and you have to adjust accordingly, and we may have a tweak or two."

On changes to the offensive coaching staff:

"I think for the most part you'll find that Clyde Christensen has taken over for Tom Moore in terms of play calling, but I think you'll find the system will be pretty much the same. There will be a couple adjustments here and there but I think you'll see the transition is very smooth. The same thing for Pete (Metzelaars) taking over for Howard (Mudd), the guy is doing a great job, adjusting well. Ron Turner has fit in nicely. Ron Prince has fit in nicely. Now we have a chance to crystallize things during preseason so we can get to work here in a couple of weeks."

On possibly fewer preseason games in the future, and how that may affect camp:

"That's probably going to happen sometime in the future and I'm more concerned with the here and now. I'm more focused on what we're going to do in terms of practice, how we work tomorrow morning, how our guys function in terms of making certain that they are honing their technical and fundamental skills. Those things will come on down the line and we'll adjust to it when it does."

On the change of arrival day:

"It's just the way we are doing things this year. Every year is a little bit different. Our players will be available for you tomorrow, but at this point in time that's the way we're handling the situation."

On the biggest competition taking place at camp:

"There is a lot of great competition. I don't see anyone in particular. Every single one of them has a challenge where we're building depth or looking for a starter and that's what makes camp fun."

On Peyton Manning's job being safe?:

"Well he's a little unique in that regard."

On if Bob Sanders is healthy and will practice Monday:

"Bob Sanders, when he was here in the spring, did a great job. He looked good and moved around well. So, I would fully anticipate that."

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