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Coach Jim Caldwell spoke to the media from training camp in Anderson Monday. See what Caldwell had to say about John Gill's arrest, how the rookies are performing so far, some injury updates and much more!

On John Gill:

"I think, certainly, about him as a person, the most important thing is that he gets things straightened away, so he most certainly has a lot of work to do."

On advising players on having good behavior:

"Oh, we certainly do. It's something we constantly do. That's not really the issue with this young man. He just has some difficulties. We know that he'll get the help that he needs and hopefully get his life in order quickly."

On taking care of Gill's issue:

I think Bill (Polian) probably said to you as distinctly as he possibly could about our concerns for his welfare more so than anything else. This is bigger than football. Oftentimes you have situations that arise like this, and fortunately with Jim Irsay and Bill and the rest of the organization, they certainly put the person first. That's the most important thing."

On Jeff Saturday and Jacques McClendon not at practice:

"No, no personal reasons. Doctors may have determined that it's not good for them to stand on the field or get a little extra work, but they're being evaluated constantly. We'll probably have a little bit better update in the next day or so."

On How long Charlie Johnson might be out:

"No, not yet. I think sometimes it takes a couple days for things to calm down. I know they are going to do a reevaluation on him in the next day, and at that time we may have a clearer picture."

On how Dallas Clark is doing:

"I know he's making good progress. Dallas might be a few days or so. He's got a little soreness, let me put it that way. If I start going down the whole list, there's not a guy out there who doesn't have something wrong with him at this time of year. It's tough, it's hard, and it's trying to push through particularly going through into the second week. Oftentimes you're going to find lots of things arise that may take a guy a couple days to get his feet back underneath him. We're off and running."

On treating soreness in veterans different than rookies:

"Not really, but it all depends on the attitude the body's going to take. Sometimes there is a little practice modification that we'll do with a guy who's been around the block a few times."

On Ryan Diem being back at practice:

"It's good. He's certainly an excited father. A brand new child, a young lady, and I know he's fired up about the experience. All you do is talk to him and you can see the gleam in his eyes. He's certainly glad he could spend a little time with her."

On keeping continuity when players are out:

"There's not question about it. There is a lack of continuity. Oftentimes I think this is kind of how it happens in the season. Guys are up and down. You kind of have to plug guys in here and there. Somebody's got to step up and do the job on a daily basis. Sometimes that changes. I think that serves well to have a few more reps than you would have ordinarily gotten. I think in the long run, after you've gotten the opportunity to look at it, you've got to look at it as finding the silver-lining. You've got to look at it as a positive to keep moving forward."

On emphasis on return game:

"The big thing is we're trying to evaluate them on whether or not they have the hands to catch it consistently, and once they catch it and secure it can they do something with it. We probably won't get a really good look at that until we get started in terms on pre-season, but we've been taking them through the paces, looking at all phases of it, punt return, kickoff, and we've got some young guys back there who are handling those chores. So it will be pretty exciting to have the opportunity to see them in a ballgame."

On playing multiple positions to earn spot on roster:

"Sometimes it just depends on the makeup of your team. Maybe sometimes you can do those kinds of things. We've had those situations before where we've been able to adjust to a guy who just returns kicks. We've had guys who were not only a performer for us in terms of the kicking game, but also he played a particular position, wide-receiver, defensive-back. It's nice if they can double up."

On getting all wide receivers equal opportunities:

"This league is, no matter how you shake it up, a passing league. I think a lot of guys make a lot of money on third downs and it ends up to be a situation where we like to have as many weapons has we possibly can. I think teams are getting fairly adept at trying to double some guys. I think the more weapons we have the better off we are to give Peyton a few more options."

On Anthony Gonzalez's performance thus far:

"He's been doing very well. He has certainly come along. He certainly understands our offense extremely well, but he's making a lot of big plays and catching the ball well and moving well."

On preparation for Sunday's game:

"Not until the end of the week. We don't even talk about it. Right now we're focusing in on us. The most important thing is can we get better every single day. At the end of the week we'll start to focus more on our opponent."

On adding Jerry Hughes to defense:

"It does help us because it gives us a third guy which we've been looking for, for a number of years, but it gives us a little bit more flexibility so we can maybe add a third rusher in the scheme and use them all at the same time. John Chick has come along and has also been a guy who has opened our eyes a little bit in that regard. Jerry (Hughes) is performing well. He's going to learn and keep growing."

On Hughes sharing the field with Dwight Freeney and Robert Mathis:

"Those guys are great competitors, but I do think they still need a break from time to time."

On handling Bob Sanders differently to avoid injuries:

"I think our entire team for the most part, we look at each and every individual at some point and make adjustments accordingly, maybe to their injury history. Other than the things we do on the field, I think we do things in the way we believe in. We don't know a whole lot of tackling, taking them to the ground. We wait for the ballgames, in terms of pre-season and things of that nature to do our live hitting. We do some, but not a whole lot. I think that's important to making sure that we're fresh and hungry."

On Bob Sanders' performance so far:

"He looks good. He's got a bounce in his step. He's participating and doing extremely well in terms of his leadership out on the field and doing a great job in the meeting rooms."

On rookies performance so far:

"We've been extremely pleased with the rookies thus far, but like anything else, you really don't know a whole lot about them until they start selling popcorn. We'll find out a little more about them toward the weekend."

On the importance of Antoine Bethea:

"Bethea has been extremely important. He's been extremely durable and not only durable, but he's been a great performer as well in covering the field, taking care of his responsibilities. He's done a great job in supporting the run. He is also a very, very physical tackler, so we're pleased to have him back and obviously doing well. It provides a unique opportunity for us to have three quality safeties. It's been fun."

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